The Yoga of Stillness

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Yoga of Stillness

6wk Course

Wednesdays 6.00am-7.15am

30 January - 6 March

6 x weekly classes

Recordings available for those that cannot attend the live classes.


Yoga of Stillness:

Looking forward to the power that ignites when a group comes together in stillness.

A yoga practice that allows you to let go of tension and deeply rest.


With the increasing demands in the workplace, & the rise of ill health, it is becoming
even more important to make sure that our wellbeing is given the attention that is so
needed. Our bodies are a great marker of truth for what is going on physically,
emotionally and mentally.


Everyone knows that self-care is a key ingredient to wellbeing but do not give it the

priority that is needed to be well and vital. This is why so many are experiencing

anxiety, stress, depression, exhaustion, sleep problems, weight problems,
mental health issues, pain etc. Incorporating self-care practices such as the

'Yoga of Stillness' assists enormously with reducing stress and tension and increasing

energy levels.

The Yoga of Stillness is a self-healing modality when one allows

presence & connection to lead the way