The Yoga of Stillness

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Course Guidelines


A loving, warm & quiet space

Cushion/pillow, mat, blanket & anything else to support your body or injuries

Download the FUZE platform on your computer, tablet or mobile device (see instructions below)


You do not need to have the camera on, however for new people to the online sessions I recommend that you have the camera on for at least the first few sessions so that I can offer postural support if needed via email. If using the camera you will need to setup your computer and  camera so that it can show your whole body sitting on a yoga mat. A side ways angle is usually the best. Please make sure you are not too far away and that there is adequate lighting.



Each session you will need the ZOOM meeting number.
We will use the one meeting number for the 6 sessions. Please plan to login 5-10mins before each class start time so as to prepare and allow space for any technical issues that may come up.



ZOOM is the platform that we connect to for these classes which is very easy to use and is free for participants. If this is your first time participating in these classes using ZOOM, please make sure you successfully download. By clicking on the meeting link your computer should automatically download the application software for you so just follow the prompts. It should only take a few minutes to do this and then once downloaded it will stay on your computer. The ZOOM meeting link for the live classes is posted in the Course Login page. 


The Course dates and times are scheduled in Australian NSW AEDT times. 

Please check your own time-zone by using the time converter 




I recommend that if your schedule allows for you to attend the live sessions, then you commit to this. However if you are unable, the sessions will be recorded and available up to 7 days after each live session. These will be posted within 30mins of the live class on the Course Login page.


Please make sure you disable or turn off all possible distractions such as alarms, mobile phones, home phones, people etc. Please do communicate to family members to not disturb you during this time and prepare your time/space to support your session. This loving preparation honours you and will contribute to the power of your session.




It has been wonderful observing what the online classes have offered by way of reflection with technology and the level of care that one can bring when preparing one’s own space for a session. This has been a great opportunity for many to grow and expand. Committing to your online sessions is also a part of this, and so your commitment to you will reflect in your commitment to attending classes whether that be live or via recordings.



The Sleep Cycle APP tracks your sleep pattern cycles whilst you sleep making it a great tool to compare sleep patterns from day to day. Whilst many things in our daily living can affect our quality of sleep, by doing a comparison of your sleep cycle before starting a yoga course, with how it is during a yoga course, can give you great insights and inspiration regarding the therapuetic benefits of Esoteric Yoga - The Yoga of Stillness.