The Yoga of Stillness

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About The Yoga of Stillness

Being dis-connected from our body is one of the underlying causes of stress, anxiety, depression, tiredness, fatigue, sleep disorders and other acute and chronic health conditions. The purpose of the 'Yoga of Stillness' (also known as Esoteric Yoga) is to re-introduce a way of being and quality of movement that re-ignites the living stillness within - a quality of connection of mind and body in synch that is known, natural and feels amazing.

A Yoga of Stillness class is done either laying down or sitting in a chair. It is presented as a sequence of simple, everyday movements that support us to re-establish our connection with our body and the quality of our movements. They offer a simple, but powerful way to explore and develop an honest relationship with the body, with an opportunity...

- to stop & be present

- to deeply rest & nurture you
- to let go of tension in the body
- to create spaciousness in the body
- to just simply be

The Yoga of Stillness is a self-healing modality that can be done anytime, anywhere and epitomizes the truth of yoga. It is offered in various formats -  yoga courses, yoga workshops and private sessions.

Yoga of Stillness | Esoteric Yoga programs are based on the work of Serge Benhayon, Universal Medicine